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You may face hard with many mechanical issues like blown head gaskets, timing belt replacements, burnt exhaust valves and the lot more which may cause huge damages to your vehicle. But there is no need to worry as you made your visit to our company. Our experts would get a clear report from the owner of the vehicle and start proceeding with test first to ensure teeny breakages which may turn to get complicated. When comes to electrical issues, it is quite strenuous in finding and diagnosing them. Most vehicles are running with onboard computers that seem to be challenging for many mechanics.

We also check the battery to the end watching the wave patterns to the pumps as we have the highly qualified and designed manufacturing tools to determine the big 3 American motors. Electrical problems are quite complicated as it leads to leakage of fuel pumps and exhaust gases. So it must be handled with care but our mechanics are experts in handling all kind of mechanical and electrical issues. Even if the engine fails to do its duty, we replace the engine with longer durability and 3 years unlimited mileage warranty.

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Expert in handling clutch and brake repairs

Our professional workers would handle the transmission issues, either manual or automatic and we would fix an alternate remanufactured transmission with advanced and efficient parts to make your vehicle to travel with no breaks in between. Also, we replace clutch and axle with updated parts. Brake repairs are due to its less quality which will be replaced with high-quality brakes as all our technicians are very good at brakes and would make sure that the visit won’t be twice to come in. Rotors usually get faded away due to the metals in them which get thin. At some worst cases, these rotors are brake pads need a replacement to show its performance without any defects.

Our technicians are fond of complicated vehicle problems brought by the customers which look like a challenging task. For these complex vehicles we use our alternate techniques to repair it and also we are able to learn new tactics about every auto part. Because vehicles are designed with more and more technologically advanced and hence it is necessary to gain enough knowledge to over the best quality service. So it’s time to schedule your auto services today with us as we want our customers to be confident and relaxed that all your auto repairs and services will be done with excellence.

Preventive maintenance

There are many preventive measures to have the safe travel without any interrupts. Most of the automobile parts are interrelated with each other like one does not perform well without the other. In such cases, regular maintenance is required to have the better performance. Ignoring the maintenance leads to trouble the entire system. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s key points while driving the car especially the type of driving and speed limit. In some mechanic shops, they themselves provide the maintenance table and would ask to follow the same. It’s better to compare both schedules and choose the correct option.

But our company would schedule the car maintenance based on manufacturer’s schedule because he who created knows more about each and every part and its maximum durability. With the help of highly experienced and certified technicians who had spent many years in repairing everything from transmission service to oil changes, our company 10000 trails will manage any problems whatever the car model be. You can contact us for Our service would provide a warranty period of 2 years with 24,000 miles with free qualifying repair or service work.

Some basic tips to blow away the defects are possible by avoiding heavy loads and construction materials in the car. Make sure that your car isn’t idle for longer period especially during breaking condition as the oil may stop distributing to all parts of the engine, this leads to rust formation in the engine.

10000 Trails FAQ

What kind of services do you provide?

We provide many car related services like cleaning, painting, repairing, and fleet maintaining services, vehicle inspection, and many other services. Apart from this, we do a vehicle inspection to provide pollution free and fitness certificate for insurance and many other purposes.

What will be the cost of the repairs?

Cost of the repairs varies cars to cars and the types of services each car require, this can also include the risks that are associated with the car’s condition and the amount of work that need to be done in any particular car.

Is painting done in your garage?

Yes, we do painting in our garage for cars. We have good experience and exposure in painting the cars and we provide the best solutions for the painting of cars and other vehicles, we are specialized in painting the Recreational Vehicles.

Do you come to the spot and take the car?

Yes, upon receiving complaints and issues over phone calls, we do reach the place where the customers’ car got malfunctioned and we will take the car to our garage using a recovery vehicle. Even after fixing the issues we deliver the car to the customers with respect to their address. You can get in touch with out partners to make an app like uber

How long will it take to do a full service?

Full service of a car will at least take a whole day and in a worst-case scenario, it will take a couple days. As our service center is located in the center of the city it is easy for us to get the spare parts that would require for the fix.

Is water wash free?

Cars that are left for full service and painting will sure undergo water wash as a part of the car service. Apart from this, customers can request for water wash alone, which will cost a particular amount of money according to the vehicles’ size.

How about oil replacement?

Oil replacement can be done for the vehicles that require a replacement and we will do you for the vehicles that come for general service if it is necessary and we do it specifically for the cars that come only for engine oil replacement.

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